Regenerative Cell Therapy

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California Wellness Institute Services Regenerative Cell Therapy Exosome therapy is a revolutionary, non-surgical medical treatment to address pain caused by joint and soft tissue injuries and degeneration. Based on stem cell research, exosomes are like efficient little “transmitter” cells that promote your body’s natural growth, healing and repair mechanisms.


How do exosomes work? Smaller than a typical human cell, exosomes travel throughout your body signaling dormant stem cells to begin producing the cells required to heal injured or degenerated tissues. They aid in the flow of protein, lipids, and genetic material needed to improve the function and physiology of your body’s own cells.

Exosomes allografts isolated from Placenta, Amniotic Fluid, Umbilical Cord, or bone marrow derived.

Regulatory Proteins Found in Exosomes

Regulatory Proteins Found in Exosomes

More than 1,000 regulatory proteins:

*Anti-inflammatory cytokines
*Angiogenic growth factors
* Matrix regenerative signals
* Tumor suppressor signals
* Inhibitors of apoptosis

Messenger RNA (mRNA)

Translated by recipient cells into new proteins that can regulate inflammatory cells and new vessel formation

Micro RNA (miRNA)

May inhibit mRNA of chronic inflammatory cytokines and matrix catabolic enzymes

What conditions can benefit from exosome therapy?

Exosomes can be used to treat a variety of conditions that are causing you pain and holding you back from enjoying your life to its fullest. Exosome therapy can be used to treat: • Joint pain and dysfunction • Cartilage, ligament and tendon damage • Knee injuries • Meniscus damage • Muscle tears • Nerve injuries • Cartilage degeneration caused by arthritis and other diseases • Shoulder conditions, like rotator cuff inflammation or injuries.

Exosomes can also be beneficial for...

Erectile Dysfunction
Recently approved by FDA for treating COVID 19 infection.
Pain Management

Exosome Therapy

Severe neck pain REPEAT SURGERY AVOIDED  with Exosome injection.