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Eugene C. Rajaratnam, M.D., known as Dr. Raj  is a board-certified urologist in Lancaster, California. He also holds certifications in anti-aging and regenerative medicine and is the founder of California Wellness Institute in Palm Desert, California.

Dr. Raj has always been fascinated with the human body. As the son of a medical doctor, even as a boy he was immersed in the medical field.

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Most of his knowledge about physiology was learned directly from his father. After graduating from Stanley Medical College in India, Dr. Raj came to New York to serve his internship at Coney Island Hospital and his residency at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn. After 10 years in New York, Dr. Raj moved to California and eventually to Lancaster. His deep fascination with medicine is only one of Dr. Raj’s interests. He also oversees a charitable foundation focused on youth, is a photographer, videographer. He is also an airplane and helicopter pilot. Living in the Antelope Valley, where aviation thrives, brings him special satisfaction.

Dr. Raj cites his aviation background as an influence in his medical practice.

While he sees his airplane✈️ and "chopper"🚁 as amazing machines, Dr. Raj calls the human body the most amazing machine of all. As a pilot, he knows that he must fill his aircraft with the proper fuel and properly maintain it to have successful flights. Similarly, he is a passionate advocate for fueling the human body with healthy foods. Like any machine, “if you take care of it, it takes care of you," he says.

He teaches men and women, how to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

Eating a diet high in fresh vegetables, 🥗 cutting back on processed foods, and balancing hormones are among the topics he discusses with his patients for the goal of whole-person wellness.

Dr Raj would like men to know about the HiFU
(High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatment that he offers.

While prostate cancer in the United States is often treated with invasive surgery, Dr. Raj has educated himself on this alternative method which he cites is just as effective, is a non-invasive, and, in his words, "kills the cancer - but not the lifestyle"

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