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Low Testosterone

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Nutrition and Wellness

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Hormone Optimization

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What Our Patients Say

Dr. Raj is very knowledgeable in regards to men’s health. His approach isn’t like everyone else, instead he is unique and expert in his field, very caring for his patient. I love the fact that he is very well educated in natural remedies, Holistic medicine and if need be he will encourage prescribe medicine. my visit with him was wonderful, I use to suffer from a lot of fatigue, he help me adapt new eating habits, a good exercise regimen and recommend natural supplements that won’t hurt my organs, so yes no medication, no side effects all natural way to live a better and healthy long life. Now I have a lot of natural energy and can spend a very quality of life

I wanted to take a moment and deeply thank you for helping my husband. Before he came to you another doctor prescribed meds that made him impotent. From a wife's perspective that was devastating to our relationship. But you took the time and figured out the problem. Now my husband is a viral as ever and doesn't get up several times at night. He gained back muscle mass and has become his "Normal" self. Thank You!

I really admire the fact that Dr. Raj cares about his patients enough sit down and discuss different ways of healing and all the steps it takes to heal instead of recommending "quick fixes" and prescribing medications that are just temporarily making you feel better.

Dr. Raj saved my life, not to mention my marriage. I owe everything to him. And he doesn't even know how good he is. Funny huh.

We had an excellent wonderful experience with Dr Rajarainam he is kind compassionate, caring and always explain takes the time to listen and explain my health issues .I will continue to see Dr Eugene Rajaratnam.

Dr. Raj it’s my husband dr. For over 20 years, and my favorite Dr. for over 15 years, he has been very professional and has excellent bed side matters.

I've been seeing Doctor Raj for years now. His staff and the Doctor are great. Always helpful and friendly. 

They’re staff is excellent & very kind. The doctor is very knowledgeable, patient, listens to my concerns in regards to my health.

Dr. Rajaratnam is very compassionate and kind also very knowledgeable on what he does. I have been to many different Doctors and none of them could figure out what was the cause of shortness of breath, low energy. He requested labs, then in our meeting once my lab results showed up he pointed out the problem. He took care all of my needs and concerns now I feel so much better and I don't have to be on medications. I'm so thankful that there is Doctors like him on the AV.

Dr Raj helped save my Mom's life! A few years ago, while having a pacemaker put in at AV Hospital, my Mother contracted an infection via her catheter. It took a few weeks to show up, and in that time, she became very ill. Dr Raj stepped in to care for her, and his way of treating not only the infection, but her whole system, saved her life. His knowledge of hormone therapy and alternative care as well as standard medical care is excellent. I highly recommend Dr Raj, and just a side note, his staff has been very kind, helpful, and easy to work with over the past 3 years Mom has been going to his Lancaster office.

Dr Raj is, in my experience as his patient, an excellent Physician and knowledgeable well beyond just urology.

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